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Halo 2 Top of Muiltiplayer Maps

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How to get on top of Terminal

Go to the base with the warthog in it, and drive the warthog up the ramp. Once you are at the top, turn the warthog around and back it up so the back end hangs over the edge. Have one person get in the warthog's turret, and then get on the ground and sword cancel him. Once you are in the air, try to land above the train tracks. There is an invisible floor there. Then run to the other side and jump towards the sign and crouch. Crouch walk to the top of it, and jump up to the next level. Then you can run around the whole level..

How to get on top of Turf

You need 2 people with swords to do this. Watch the video and you will see that one person needs to get to the top middle place from the medical tent side. The other person needs to get there from the Scarab side. The movie shows how to do both, it would be kind of hard to explain it, so just watch the movie. Once you reach the top middle place, there are 2 invisible walls. The person on the Scarab side needs to keep sword lunging towards the person on the medical tent side. Eventually you will break throught the invisible wall. Then the other person needs to drop down and go to the Scarab side, where you just were. Have him sword lunge you so he can break through the barrier also. Then you just need to sword cancel him to get to the very top, where you can run all over the whole level

outside of Gemini

Go outside of Gemini and go to the front of the portal as if u were going in it but dont. Have a friend with u both having swords jump on the other persons head. Then have the person on top jump and while they're in the air have player 2 jump and then player 1 jump off player 2's head. Once player 1 is up there player 2 sword cancel up to where player 1 is. Then 1 person jump and the other person sword cancel and the player will be up there on top. Finally the player that is on top stand as close as u can to the edge of the ship and the other player sword cancel to the other player (this may take a couple times to do). once u r both up there

How to get on top of Sanctuary

Make sure to put Warthogs on the map. Drive both of them to the blue base, as show in the picture. You have to make one go on top of another, so one of them is pretty high in the air. Have someone stand on top of them and jump. Sword cancel them, and you need to land in a really small hole. It will probably take you several tries. Get another person up there with you and then sword cancel him or stand on his head and jump to the higher part. Then you can run all over the place and go down the waterfalls

Get out of Zanzibar

know three ways to get out of zanzibar. here's one. you need at least 2 players. Go to the beach and get a ghost. Drive it all the way to the wall at the end of the beach and back it up to the invisible barrier in the water. then take a warthog and drive it on top of the ghost. now jump on top of the warthog and move around until it says press x to drive ghost. now when your in the ghost press and hold A and back then get out and you should be on the other side of the invisible barrier. Do that so at least 2 people are outside of the barrier and sword climb/elevator up to the top of the building and you can go explore, but be careful there's a death barrier towards the ocean.

Get out of foundation alone

ok have overshields on. go to room 1 by the fan. throw a plasma grenade at the ground and right before it blows up shoot a rocket launcher at the ground and jump at the same time and you should go high enough to get up by the fan. let your self heal and do the same thing again so you can land on the beam above that and your out. theres not much up there but its still pretty cool. you can also get a ghost out that way but it takes to long to explain. My aim is bballa42391 if you need help getting out of any other maps. I pretty much know how to get out of all of them.

Headlong glitch

This is the best snipping spot in this level.Too do this get a banshee and go to the lake. Take a left and go above the road door on the slanted wall keep going the ledge and with out using boosters you can get up there if done right. oh and you might want allot of ammo for your sniper rifle.

Top of Ascension

Simple, pointless, and uneventful. Get someone to get in the Banshee. Get someone else to ride on top of the Banshee. (You can fit 3 at a time on a Banshee). Fly up to the back of the base. When you're close enough, jump off to the ramp and walk to the top. It's the highest point on the map and can't fly the Banshee up there. I've never seen anyone do this in combat but I guess you could

How to get outside Ivory Tower.

Go to the overshield ramp. Have someone stand against the glass towards the outside of the level. Crouch in front of him with your back against the other glass wall. Crouch walk towards him, and try to melee him (don't use the sword). You should not be able to hit him, but you should lunge for him. As soon as you lunge towards him, hold your joystick to the right (keep crouching). You will fall right through the floor, and as soon as you fall through, hold back. You need to land on the ledge, because if you fall all the way to the bottom of the level, there is no way to get back up and you will have to kill yourself. To get to the top of the level, have someone come out to the ledge with you and just butterfly to the top.,

How to get out of Coagulation

First set the game settings so that you have over shields and spectres. Then change the map to coagulation.

TIP:You need to people to do this. Anyways, have one person grab a spectre and pick the other person up. Then get the spectre on the Hill right by the red base. Have the person who is riding with you get out(on the walkable part) and have him crouch right by the visible wall. Then, have the spectre person ram him and have the person walk forward and he should make over the invicible wall. This may take a few times but when you get over its kinda cool out of the level.

Halo 2 Glitches

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