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Halo: Combat Evolved Hint: More Guns On The Pillar ofAutumn

On the level "The Pillar of Autumn" on Easy difficulty, get to Captain Keyes as quickly as possible. When he hands you his pistol run out to the bridge and down the corridor where you load the pistol. If the glitch is done correctly, you shouldn't load the pistol, and the 3 Grunts shouldn't be at the end of the corridor.Continue and pick up the Assault Rifle from the dead marine's body lying in the doorway then kill the Elites and Grunts and pick up a Plasma Pistol or Plasma Rifle. Go back to the corridor where you were supposed to load the pistol and keep back-tracking. Eventually, you should load the pistol and the 3 Grunts at the end of the corridor should appear. You will now have the pistol, the Assault Rifle and the Plasma Pistol/Rifle.

Halo: Combat Evolved Easter Egg: Rex

On the last level the Maw, on the last checkpoint, when you go off the big jump onto the small bridge, drive the warthog so a quarter of it is off the bridge. Jump on top of the warthog and jump on top of the wall on either side (the one closest to you) and follow it up to an upper, smaller bridge. There are two hall ways and go in the one with blood in it. Look to the right and you will find the name Rex written in blood.

Halo: Combat Evolved Hint: Hidden Music

In assault on the control room near the end of the level on the rock road there will be a banshee steal the banshee and look behind you. if you look up you will see 3 sniper spots a bottom, middle, and top go to the middle one with the banshee land carefully and go to the right side and look at the blue light wait a while and you will hear a hidden track.

Talking Grunt

WARNING: You may need to restart this stage if you pursue this easter egg.In the last level of Halo, you'll arrive at a second grouping of tunnels after the dropship pick up goes awry.Take the first tunnel on your right and there should be a fork leading to a dead-end half way through. If you head partly that way, you can hear a grunt talking about something phenomenonally droll.

Easter Egg: Megg

'The Megg' is one of the hardest easter eggs in Halo. After all once you see the Megg, its game over. Start a game on the Pillar of Autumn while on legendary difficulty. Jump on the cryo tube Master Chief comes out of. Jump on the shield recharger thing. Then, jump on the walkway. You'll see some barrels. Jump on the top one. Wait for that guy that woke you up to die, then jump down. Get to the captain and shoot him. As soon as Cortana says, 'rampant', find the door the invincible marines came out of. If you can get past them, another door will open. The Marines can't get you while you're in here. Look up at the 'M' made out of bullets. After you see it you're traped and the marines now can kill you. Like I said once you see the Megg, you die.

Random Bull Easter Egg

Go to create a new account and type in .fortune for a name. As soon as the name is completed, a random message will appear on the screen. Re-enter the name for another message.

Different Ending

Beat Halo's Campaign on Legendary on the last level (Maw) to see a slightly longer ending

Glitch: Marine That Doesn't Do Anything

in the level 343GuiltySpark, when you just fly in on the dropship, push the grenade trigger, but nothing else. You will throw a grenade, but not get out of the ship. it will fly, with you in it, to a ledge overlooking the level.Get out of the pelican. From here countinue along the cliff behind what look like flat, black outlines of trees. you can go through these outlines.Keep going, and you'll eventually find a marine that just stands there doing nothing.if you shoot him in the leg he'll say things like "do i owe you money". my favorite thing to do is plasma grenade him. Enjoy!

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