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Camera Control Mode

ATTENTION: This is for Halo: custom edition Devmode only. To activate Devmode, open the properties window of the halo custom edition shortcut. in the target line add -console -devmode (include the spaces before the -'s), then start a game. while in gameplay, press the ~ key (the one directly above tab), type the commands exactly as shown, including the _'s then press enter after each command. This will seperate the camera from the player and make it controllable. Hold the mouse scroll button down to control the camera

w- forward

s- back

a-strafe left

d- strafe right

r- move up

f- move down

mouse- look/turn

scrollwheel up/down- adjust camera movement speed

Password Effect

debug_camera_save saves the current location of the camera; used in conjunction with the next command.

debug_camera_load this sends the camera to the location that debug_camera_save was used, seperating the camera from the player

camera_control 0 Returns the camera to first person mode

cheat_teleport_to_camera Makes the Master Chief teleport to the camera's position, and then gravity will take effect, so don't go too high

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