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Halo Bible ?

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By Timantha

I've been researching Halo/Bungie bible relations. I'm not sure if this is in the right forum, so moderators, if it isn't, please move it to the right one.
Were to start? How about starting with the first book of the bible: genesis. It's probably nothing, but genesis 1:17 talks about things in the sky giving light to the people. its probably nothing, but halos give off light and hang in the sky.
something else, i'm sure almost everyone has heard this one. the "covenant". right there, thats straight from the bible. the words "ark","flood","Truth", and "halo" are all from the dictionary to. and if you put some words together, it could be like this. the "Ark of the Covenant", "The Ark" where Noah (the Master Cheif maybe?) went to escape the "Flood".
the mark of the beast is 666. i haven't seen that in the game (yet), but the mark of god is 7. bungies number is 7. it took 7 days to create every thing, there are 7 columns on bungies mark. its all so weird and involving...

another verse i have already mentioned before: Revelation 11:7. it talks about the beast coming out of the abyss and overwhelming truth (O_o) and grace (new prophet?). now for the freaky part. Gravemind came from the depths of halo. everyone knows that cinematic when miranda keyes grabs onto one of graveminds tentacles and leans over that abyss to reach the index. gravemind came out of there and is trying to hunt down truth.
another part to the verse is the beast attacking truth and grace after they have finished there testimony.
REGRET: "nothing can be done until my sermon is complete!!!"

the name john comes from the bible. everyone knows who john is. he's that guy who in john 1:17 is laying down the law with truth and grace. well, in this verse he is called moses.
for the people who don't know, moses led his people out of slavery from the egyptians. he helped them escape from the egyptian "juggernaut"
isn't the MC doing the same thing with the covenant? not slavery, but oppression.

some more veres to look at are psalm 11:7, john 11:7, and most of revelation.

i just thought of this typing up this post, but
doesn't the Master Cheif seem like a Jesus figure?
He went through hell and almost death to become a Spartan, and now he is saving the Human Race. he can't die anymore, (he respawns XP) and he kicks demon ass all day long.
but there is another side to this argument.
the covenant call him demon (another word from the bible).

i know i probably have better things to do then tell a sermon over a video game forum, but i have to do this for school.

so i would just like to leave you with these thoughts.
*gasp* maybe achronos is an angel? or a demon. O_o

feedback please. this took me a long time to think up and write

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